Hello! I'm pleased to announce that I have completed setting up the full curriculum for The Witch's Eight Paths of Power - Intent. You can see the full extent of what I'm covering on the Course Curriculum page.

And since I've finished that, I've started on The Witch's Eight Paths Power - Trance as well. This means that you can register for the course NOW, and new material will be made available to you right away as I upload it!

All the Witch's Eight Paths of Power courses will be available for a one-time fee of $25, or for six monthly payments of $5 each, so they should be accessible to almost everyone! And you get access to your course from that point to forever, as long as the Teachable platform exists.

Future plans include creating all eight of the Witch's Eight Paths of Power classes, including:

  1. Intent
  2. Trance
  3. The Craft (symbolism, chants, spells)
  4. Intoxicants (herbs, incense, teas, mind-altering substances)
  5. Dance & Sacred Movement
  6. Blood & Breath Control (yoga, tantra, meditation technique, biofeedback)
  7. The Scourge (pain as teacher, confronting death, facing the shadow-self)
  8. The Great Rite (Drawing Down the Moon & Sun, sex magick)

Practical Magick classes (deep dives into one magickal subject, such as herbs, chakras, Tarot, time magick, colour magick, etc.)

Star Sapphire Witchcraft classes

I'm looking forward to exploring the capabilities of this platform in making classes available to everyone. It's been a dream of mine to find something like this since I first conceived of the Eight Paths classes about ten years ago now, and now that it's here, I can't wait to share!

Keep your eye on this space for updates as I go. And thanks for being part of it! Blessed be!